Welcome to the Treasure Trove of Happy Thoughts, a blog dedicated to cultivating happiness.

Happiness is an intriguing concept. To start, it’s different for everyone. To complicate things, for some people and in some circumstances happiness seems to come easily. For others, it can seem downright unattainable; impossible, even.

While the prospect of being happy may, at times, seem hopeless or futile, there are boundless studies and evidence to show that happiness can be learned, achieved, practiced, and sustained. This blog will study those, experiment with them, and provide resources with the goal of spreading happiness to as many people as possible.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

-Dalai Lama

So why this focus on happiness? When we’re happy, it creates this consistent ripple of joy that radiates out, positively impacting everyone we meet. Our relationships, careers, lives, dreams…everything is improved and our potential becomes limitless.

Remember in the movie Hook, when Robin Williams’s Peter Pan just needed to find one happy thought in order to fly? Imagine…if just one happy thought can make you fly, what could be possible with an entire treasure trove of happy thoughts?

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