The Only Failure is Failure to Learn

Fear of failure is one the most common fears many of us face throughout our lives.

When we perceive we’ve failed at something, we’re likely to beat ourselves down, telling ourselves that we just weren’t good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to succeed. In many cases, that self-judgment prevents us from trying again.

Why does this concept of failure impede us so much?

It’s because we see failure as the end of our journey rather than the first step or one of many steps along a long and winding path.

This is something many of us “know” but it’s a concept that’s often difficult to internalize.

But what if we could not only internalize it but we could find joy in it? What if “failure,” if you insist on using that term, was just an indication that a different approach is needed? That a learning opportunity exists? And what if taking that different approach could lead you to a success greater than you imagined to begin with?

To be sure, the joy in this concept looks different from the joy you might get from more obvious things, like playing with your kids, going on a vacation, etc. but there is still happiness to be found, if you look for it.

This last week, I found myself faced with such a situation. Without going into much detail, let’s just say I had a plan for something and it didn’t go at all the way I planned.

I’ll admit, I was upset at first. I vented to my husband, blamed everyone else, and threw my hands up, ready to walk away from the situation.

I’ll also admit that I’m still figuring out all of the lessons connected to the situation. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do but I know I’ll do something. And I am happy about that.

  • I’m happy that I’m still fighting.
  • I’m happy I found the strength to try again.
  • I’m happy that I’m taking the time to learn what I should change.
  • I’m happy that I’m even putting this much thought into it.
  • I’m happy because I can already tell that when I get this right, it will feel amazing!

So what joy can you find in your situation, whatever that is?

Whatever you find, just remember failure is only failure if you truly make it your last step in that particular journey.

What’s your happy thought today?

Published by Taryn Hewett

Hi, I’m Taryn! I'm a certified professional coach who helps people live lives of passion, purpose, and fulfillment. I'm an avid believer that holistic happiness is the key to everything we want to achieve in life. When we're happy and fulfilled, it causes a positive ripple effect in all areas of our lives: family, work, community - you name it. I am so honored and excited to help others along their own journey to happiness.

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