Happy Thought #19 – Thinking Slow, Moving Fast

Do you ever find yourself with so many things on your to-do list that you’re not sure where to start? Every time you start thinking about tackling one item, another comes to mind, and then another, until you suddenly realize that 30 mins or an hour has gone by and you haven’t crossed anything off your list.

Well, I’m right there with you, my friend! I can practically see all my priorities dancing around my head, each demanding attention.

That being said, my happy thought is that I CONQUERED that feeling today.

I saw the warning signs last night. As I was going to bed, I started getting a sense of anxiety about everything on my work plate today. Immediately, “old” solutions came to mind – the kind that no longer fit into the life I want for myself. Thoughts like:

  • Maybe I should skip my morning workout and start work early.
  • You know what? I’ll just eat breakfast at my desk and work at the same time, it’ll be fine.
  • I know I said I’d start taking a lunch break, but maybe this isn’t the day to start it.

By the way, all of those things (working out, actually taking a lunch break, etc.) are all habits I’ve been trying to build which means they were easy targets.

BUT I did not give in! Those new habits connect strongly with my values, so I wanted to keep them a priority. So, I slowed down my racing thoughts and tackled the concern head on:

  • I made a plan for the day, being sure to include my non-work goals.
  • I made note of the items I was most concerned about so I could prioritize them.
  • I actually worked my to-do list in order and brought myself back on track every time I started to get distracted.
  • Every time that overwhelmed feeling tried to break through, I slowed down, took a deep breath, and reminded myself to work my plan.

Not only did I absolutely kill my to-do list, I actually had a pretty quiet, stress-free day – probably due to all that deep breathing! 😊

If you find yourself facing similar “noise” in different areas of your life, shoot me an email at taryn@treasuretroveofhappythoughts.com. I’d love to help!

Now, all that being said, what’s YOUR happy thought today?

Published by Taryn Hewett

Hi, I’m Taryn! I'm a certified professional coach who helps people live lives of passion, purpose, and fulfillment. I'm an avid believer that holistic happiness is the key to everything we want to achieve in life. When we're happy and fulfilled, it causes a positive ripple effect in all areas of our lives: family, work, community - you name it. I am so honored and excited to help others along their own journey to happiness.

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